Welcome to the Black Dog Club!

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Our Mission

Here at the Black Dog Club, we strive to provide rescue, rehabilitation, and training for dogs pulled from "death row" at our local animal shelters. We focus these efforts towards black dogs in an attempt to save them from the dreaded "Black Dog Syndrome" that prevents them from getting adopted due to the stigma involved with black dogs. That being said, we open our arms to all animals regardless of species, breed, or color.

We want to provide a paw, claw, or hoof up to any animal in need - and only the selfless help of people like you can help us achieve that goal.

Support & Donate

The Black Dog Club thrives off of the selfless help and donations of people like you. We are always in need of support through donations, be they monetary or physical.


All of our animals are up-to-date on vaccines and heart worm preventive medication. They are each provided with extensive love and care on a day-by-day basis.


The Black Dog Club offers a wide variety of Volunteering opportunities ranging from tending to the Shelter Farm, to being a dog handler at events.