Volunteering and Support

Monetary and Physical Donations

The Black Dog Club thrives off of monetary and physical donations, since we are a non-profit organization. Without funding, it is much more difficult for us to increase spacing to take in more animals as well as maintain our facilities at maximum capacity. With your support, we can continue to push our mission goal of providing a helping hand to the poor animals who cannot help themselves.


Do you love working with animals? Are you wanting to work on the "front lines" of a rescue organization to help find animals their forever-home? The Black Dog Club offers a multitude of volunteering opportunities for all types of people and interests. You can download and print out our Volunteer Application by clicking the button below. We look forward to working with you!


The Black Dog Club offers a temporary fostering program for those who qualify. Fosters typically take care of animals for several weeks, and take part in training, housebreaking, and interacting with the animal as if it were their own. Our foster program is built around preparing the animal for their forever-home. If you're interested, download the PDF below.